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Respecting the pillars of sustainability

Copra is a company committed to the three pillars of sustainability: economic, social and environmental, ensuring that they are practiced in a common way in all its departments.

Economic aspect

In this respect, among other routine practices, it guarantees the competitiveness of the market, without taking advantage of its pioneering work and national expressiveness to reduce prices or impose conditions of sale to eliminate competitors. On the contrary, it offers fair sales conditions to its distributors and representatives throughout the country, keeping its prices and its trading methods always aligned with those practiced in the market.

Social aspect

In the Social respect of Sustainability, Copra maintains a stable staff, with more than 330 direct workers to whom, in addition to the usual social benefits, it offers a pleasant work environment and the constant possibility of professional growth, so that the change of position, by promotion, is common in the company.

In addition, in order to give a chance to those who are looking for their first job, Copra hires the “Young Apprentice”, from SENAI, constantly keeping in its staff about 10 young people in these conditions. Furthermore, the Copra employee is constantly encouraged to study and costs are assumed by the company. Thus, the Copra employee can join a technical course, which guarantees improvement in their area, or even get into college and graduate.

Environmental issues

Finally, when it comes to environmental issues, besides maintaining a conduct that does not harm the environment, Copra encourages and sponsors actions that contribute to its preservation. Recently, among other actions, it has become a partner of the Biota Institute, which promotes the conservation of the marine fauna and its habitat, with a focus on mammals and turtles, contributing effectively to the maintenance and growth of the Institute.

“The partnership between ONGs and private institutions is very valuable as it helps to boost institutions. We need this logistical and financial support to continue to carry out our activities; there is no way for volunteers to focus entirely on the Institution. Through partnerships we can hire people and ensure the continuation of work. Thanks to Copra’s adhesion we will hire a veterinarian, who will take over the entire clinical part focused on the animals. For us it is a super gain,” says the biologist Bruno Stefanis, founder of the ONG.

Bruno also celebrates the fact that Copra is a local institution, based in Maceió. Other Biota partners are from out of the State. “This closeness will certainly stir the interest of local companies,” he says. “We are really hoping for the success of this union, may it be very good for the Institute and for Copra, highlighting the company as a supporter of the preservation of the Environment,” he concludes.

For the Copra director, Hélcio de Oliveira, there only reasons to celebrate. “We are very happy to collaborate with the Biota Institute of Conservation, preserving the environment has always been in our premises and we are sure that this attitude keeps us on this path. We also hope that our action will stir the same desire in other companies in Maceió “.



All Copra products have the PEA seal (pea.org.br). This seal guarantees that the company does not test its products on animals.

Another important seal is the Organic Product seal, to Extra Virgin Coconut Oil and Coconut Chips. In fact, Copra has made the first Organic Coconut Chips in the country.