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Pioneering work and recognition

It is a food industry, specialized in the processing of dry coconut. It was set up 19 years ago in Maceio, Alagoas, where currently it maintains its headquarters, in an area of ​​12,000 m². Copra has 300 employees.

It was the first industry in Brazil to produce the Extra Virgin Coconut oil, which took the Copra brand to another level of acknowledgement by the consumer, who now recognizes it as the reference brand in the market. Continuing its pioneer characteristic, it presented to the national market several other products, such as Coconut Flour, Flavorless Coconut Oil, Coconut Oil Spray and, among other products, Organic Coconut Chips. In order to guarantee its pioneering brand it has its own laboratory with high technology equipment that allows it to offer the highest quality standard required by the market.

It is a company that is concerned with the three pillars of sustainability: economic, social and environmental. In the economic respect, among other things, it guarantees the competitiveness of the market, without taking advantage of its pioneering work and national expressiveness to reduce prices or to impose purchase conditions to eliminate competitors. On the contrary, it maintains its prices and its trading practices aligned with those practiced in the market. In the Sustainability’s Social respect, Copra maintains a stable staff to whom, besides the standard social benefits, such as holidays and thirteenth salaries, it offers a pleasant work environment and constant possibility of professional growth.

Finally, when it comes to the environmental issues, besides maintaining a conduct that does not harm the environment, Copra encourages and sponsors’ actions that contribute to its preservation. Recently, among other actions, it has become partner of the Biota Institute, which promotes the conservation of the marine fauna and its habitat, focused on mammals and turtles, contributing effectively to the maintenance and growth of the Institute.


Work, dedication and concern for sustainability have earned Copra some important awards. In 2011, it won the SESI award for technological innovation in Alagoas and it was ranked among the top three companies in Brazil in the category with extra virgin coconut oil. In 2012, it won again the SESI prize for technological innovation in Alagoas, this time with Coconut Flour. Several times it won the Baker Top Award, created by the Padaria 2000 Magazine, which is considered the Bakery Oscar.

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